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Includes up to 4 riders in the lesson on a TBS lesson horse.  This also includes a trial lesson to start to assure TBS is the right fit for you and your goals.  Following your trial lesson the minimum requirement is one lesson per week, 4 lessons per month. One hour lessons focusing on horsemanship and basic flat work with an introduction to poles and fences 2’ and below.  Perfect for the beginner rider. Haul-ins are welcome!

Competition package recommended to show.


Full Training


Horse and Rider in training - Package includes 3 lessons per week and two training rides from the trainer.  ​

Full Training of Horse ONLY - Package includes 5 training rides per week.​

Both options include Grooming for training rides, management of grain, supplements, vet, farrier, bodywork, and chiropractic appointments.

partial lease.jpeg

Partial Leases


Perfect package for a rider looking to take on more responsibility and moving forward to the path of ownership.  This package gives you the opportunity to take on a private horse that you ride in each of your lessons to grow and build the skills you need along with building a relationship to show and succeed.  This will give the rider a feeling as if they own the horse without the full responsibility of fees associated. This includes half of all expenses of owning a horse including the gear, shoeing, routine vet care, supplements, dentist work, etc.  This also includes two lessons per week, with an additional hack day on their own to build a bond and relationship with their horse. This package focuses on more advanced flat work with advanced pole work and fences up to 2’3.  Competitions are recommended including Schooling Shows, IEA Competitions, and “C” and “B” Rated shows. 

Partial leases are subject to availbility.

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Full Lease

Fees are determined by horse.   Call for a quote if you are interested in any of our full leases.  (Please refer to the Lease Pamphlet for more detailed information)

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